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    Feng Shui Wealth Talismans


    Feng Shui is an ancient and very powerful practice, which can be used to alter the energies that flow to and from you in your life.  There are certain symbols which are considered to be powerful wealth talismans in Feng Shui.

    Three Legged Frog

    The three legged frog is a powerful money talisman, and has an interesting legend behind it.  The three legged frog was a greedy frog that was captured by the God of wealth – Lui Hai – who turned it into a kind creature that helps people achieve abundance in their lives.  The talisman is of a gold colour, and portrays a frog with three legs, holding either one or three coins in its mouth.  Sometimes the talisman shows the three-legged frog sitting on a mountain of coins.  According to Feng Shui principle, this talisman should be placed to the left of the door which you enter your house by, with its back to the wall.

    feng shui wealth talisman three leg frog

    The Greedy Dragon of Ambition

    The dragon is a very important and ancient Chinese symbol.  Dragons were revered for their powers to command water – in this way, they could bring about abundant harvests if rainfall was enough, which in turn affected the wealth of the people. This power symbol was used by both peasants and emperors alike.  The Dragon Feng Shui talisman is portrayed playing with a pearl (a celestial pearl which represents Earth).  According to Feng Shui practice, it should be placed either in the east section of your house, or facing east. It can also be placed in the same position as the three-legged money frog.

    feng shui wealth talisman dragon

    Tsai Shen Yeh

    The Tsai yen She are the Chinese gods of wealth.  There are a number of them, and they all look different, from the military Guan Yu to the civilian Liu Hai. The most powerful wealth symbol is the legendary monk Hotei (Buddai). He is a golden monk who travelled around the countryside bringing abundance and wealth to villagers.  He has a round large belly which can be rubbed, asking your wishes to be made true.  Hotei should usually be placed in the southeast of your home – the wealth section according to Ba Gua

    feng shui wealth talisman hotei

    Ru Yi

    This is similar to a magic wand. It is a sceptre which of a golden colour, and sometimes the god Hotei is portrayed holding it.  This talisman should be paced in the southeast section of your home, the Wealth and Prosperity section.

    feng shui wealth talisman ru yi

    Wealth Vase

    This is an especially potent Feng Shui money talisman – you can either make it yourself or buy it, and it can be customised according to your taste and beliefs.  Usually it is made of white ceramic with blue pictures painted onto it.  In the vase, you need to put a few specific things – including gemstones, soil, money, a gold item, and pictures that represent wealth for you.  This vase is also placed in the southeast section, the Wealth and Prosperity section.

    feng shui wealth vase talisman


    How to Make a Money Talisman with Numerology Magic Square

    Numerology is a very powerful system, and it is even possible to use it for talismans or charms.  The most potent thing about numerology talismans is that they are made especially for the bearer according to their date of birth, and so it provides a very specific way to bring luck to that person.  You can use numerology to make a personal money charm for a specific person, using the magic square.

    Both numerology and astrology are alike in that a person’s date of birth is a very important signature for them.  The whole reading, in both astrology and numerology focuses on the date of birth.  Thus, it is also possible to use the date of birth as a powerful sigil.

    Talismans become more powerful when they have a personal signature associated with a specific person. Other signatures can be used, such as names, but in numerology we use the date of birth to represent the person for whom the talisman is intended.

    numerology money taisman magic square

     Magic Square Talisman

    A Yantra Magic Square is a numerological square which is calculated and constructed according to your date of birth and your Life Path number.  These are powerful good luck charms for the intended person.  Added to that, we have Eight, the number which is associated with money and wealth.  In order to create a numerology wealth talisman for a specific person, a magic square talisman is constructed where the rows and columns all sum up to a number which reduces to eight (for example:

    26: 2+6=8,

    71: 7+1=8,

    80: 8+0=8

    To create the talisman, first of all the Yantra Magic Square is created, and then the last box in the top row is changed from their Life Path number to a number which produces a square where the rows sum to 8.

    For example:

    A person is born on June 9th, 1963; so their Life Path number would be (7) as shown below.

    Life Path = (06 + 09 + 1963) = (1978) = (1 + 9 + 7 + 8) = (25) = (7)

    The first row of their Yantra Magic square we be their Month, Day, Year (less century) and their Life Path number, and would look like this:

    ( 6 )(9)(63)(7)

    The row totals (85) which reduces to (4) by fadic addition. If you substitute a (2) in the last box on the row for his Life Path number of (7), then the resulting row will sum to (80) which will reduce to 8.

    Making the substitution, and then calculating the rest of the Magic square by formula, you get the following:

    ( 6 )( 9 )( 63 )( 2 )

    ( 61 )( 4 )( 4 )( 11 )

    ( 3 )( 64 )( 8 )( 5 )

    ( 10 )( 3 )( 5 )( 62 )

    This is how to produce a magic square money talisman.

    Source: Keitth Abbott

    The Power of Talismans, Amulets & Charms

    four leaf clover talismanTalismans and amulets have been an important part of human society and culture for many centuries. Recently in France, an Earth Mother charm, used for fertility rites was unearthed, and it was estimated to be 25,000 years old.  Talismans and amulets have been around as long as humans have used rituals to worship the gods.

    These talismans and amulets can be made from almost any material and used for any specific or general purpose.  A good example of a talisman that most people know of is the four-leaf clover which is thought to bring good luck.

    Often, the principles of sympathetic magic are used to create amulets and talismans. This means that the object chosen bears some resemblance or is otherwise related to the desired outcome.  For example, a Chinese wealth coin is a talisman used to attract wealth.  Talismans and amulets can also be unrelated to the specific desire. You might acquire a random item (a piece of jewellery, for example) that you feel holds power to you and brings you luck or protects you in some way.

    There are a few traditional items that are thought of as talismans and amulets. These include:

    powerful talismans and amulets - crucifix


    • A rabbit’s foot
    • A crucifix
    • The Hand of Fatima
    • The Pentagram
    • Garlic (repels vampires and other demons)
    • Holy relics
    • Gemstones
    • The Star of David

    You can consecrate and cleanse a talisman or amulet using the powers of the moon, incense, or salty water, and then charge it using rituals, sunlight, or pure intent.  Intent is the most powerful thing when it comes to amulets – it may work for you and no-one else, because of this specific intent you have given it.

    Symbols in Talismans and Amulets

    The potency of an amulet or talisman can be enhanced by the use of sacred symbols, such as Norse runes, the pentagram, the Ankh.  These images and symbols have been used and venerated by many people over the ages, and so have become imbued with the power of belief and intent over time.  Ancient symbols can indeed be a powerful way to increase the potency of a charm.

    Amulets and talismans act as physical symbols of a desired outcome, function or goal.  You can achieve goals without charms if your intent is strong enough – when you send out pure intent to the Universe, you will receive the same energy back. .  In fact, it has been proven by Quantum Physics that we as humans have the influence to alter the outcome of an event by focusing on it.  Talismans and amulets are powerful because they embody the pure, physical representation of this intent.

    Choosing Gemstones For Amulets and Talismans

    Gemstones can be powerful amulets and talismans, but it can be tricky to choose which ones to use.  First of all, it is important to follow your own intuition when choosing your gemstones. You might feel instantaneously attracted to a certain gemstone within seconds, and this is no coincidence. Crystals have their own consciousness too – different to that of humans, but consciousness all the same, and some may “reach out? to you. It is a bit like a chemical reaction that occurs when two people are attracted to each other.

    amulet talisman gemstones

    These gemstones that you feel attracted to are the ones you should always try and keep on your person, or in your living space.  They can provide you with the balance that you need in life, and affect your body, soul and spirit positively.  As you spend more time with your gemstones, they will become more attuned to you, and become even more powerful amulets and talismans.

    Since internet shopping has become very popular, we may not be able to touch and feel the gemstones that we choose to buy. But this attraction can also happen over the internet – you may feel a sudden attraction to a picture of a stone that you see. Energy is not only transmitted in person, but can also be transmitted over distances – ask any energy healer and they will tell you that distance energy healing can be just as effective as healing where the client is physically close.

    Apart from following your first impressions, you may also want to read up on the properties of different gemstones.  If you are buying the gemstones in a shop, the shop owner should be able to provide you with information about the particular crystal you are interested in.  You may also choose

    Gemstones are naturally energised with their properties, so they work even if you do not charge them with intent. However, intent is a powerful thing, and should you wish to use a gemstone as an amulet or talisman, you may want to perform a ritual that connects you to the gemstone and charges it with your intent.

    How to Create a Healing Amulet

    healing amulet gemstones

    These days, people are taking more of an interest in alternative ways to maintain and protect their health. While one should always consult a doctor about one’s health, and never stop taking any medication without first speaking to a professional, a healing amulet can be an extra additional help when it comes to warding off disease.

    An amulet is an object that wards off evil and protects a person from trouble. A healing amulet is specifically made to ward off negative energies that may lead to manifesting into various diseases (or that have already manifested into diseases).  Everything is formed f energy, and a healthy energy body and aura will foster a healthy physical body.  Amulets and gemstones can help “clean? the energy of a person, leading to change in their physical symptoms.

    Healing Amulets

    Healing amulets can be designed to work on specific illnesses or injuries, and also to prevent a wide range of ailments.  You do not need much to make your own healing amulet- all you need is a natural object for the amulet, and a strong intent and purpose for the amulet.  You can add other items to your amulet and make it elaborate, or stick to a basic amulet – the choice is entirely yours.

    Gemstones are often used as amulets.  You can buy inexpensive tumbled gemstones from many places, including New Age shops and online.  Many of them are beautiful, and you can wear them as jewellery – by drilling a hole or gluing on a bail you can wear it around your neck as a pendant.

    As for the choice of gemstone, this will depend on the type of ailment you want to treat or prevent. There are books that list the different properties of gemstones and what type of diseases they may help in healing.  There are also some all-round healing gemstones – turquoise is one of these, a stone which has a wonderful healing energy.  But for example, if you wanted a healing amulet that would help you conceive a child, then amber would be a better choice.

    Once you have decided on the type of gemstone you want to use as an amulet, it would be best to go to a store where you can physically hold the stone before purchasing – as even the same types of gemstones may have different energies, and some will be suited to you better than others.  If this is not possible then you need not worry too much, as you can attune yourself to any healing crystal with some effort.

    How to make a healing amulet

    First of all, you need to cleanse the object you have chosen for your amulet. You can do this in many ways – a few examples are holding it under running water, holding it over incense, burying it in the ground for a day and a night.

    Next, you will need to charge it with your intent. This is by far the most important part, as you must have a clear mind and focus only on the good that you wish your amulet to do for you.  Many people design a ritual specifically for charging their healing amulets, and this is recommended.  You need to impart your energies upon the amulet whilst holding the intent of health in mind.

    Now that you have charged your healing amulet, all you need to do is keep it close to you as often as possible, and draw on its energies in times of need.

    Types of Amulets and Talismans

    In old tribal traditions, amulets and talismans were important good-luck charms. Also, when a person gave an amulet to another person, it signified that they wished the person great happiness and security.

    Talismans and amulets are as old as mankind. Historically, man has believed that objects could bring him luck and happiness.  Even today, it is common to meet people who are attached to objects they have owned since they were young.

    Here is a list of descriptions of animals, gemstones and symbols that are connected with amulets and talismans.


    type of amulet talisman animal• Lamb: Attracts calm and serenity.

    • Eagle: The Greeks believed that talismans made with an eagle protected its wearer against lightning.

    • Alligator (teeth): Heals infections and protects against poisoning.

    • Feathers: Cures and protects against rheumatism.

    • Cat: The amulet in the image of a cat brings charm and fertility.

    • Dog: An amulet with a dog placed in a house will protect the house. It can also represent friendship.

    • Bat: Brings luck, protects against evil spirits and cures insomnia.

    • Dolphin: Protects against accidents and dangers at sea

    • Frog: Promotes the creation of a friendship or reconciliation between two people.

    • Owl: Helps to increase knowledge and intellectual capacity.

    • Rabbit: As an amulet worn on your left arm, it will warn you of danger.

    • Lion: Heals shyness, protects during travel and helps to overcome hidden enemies.

    • Bears: Helps women during their pregnancies.

    • Fish: Defends you from negative feelings.

    • Shark: A shark’s tooth worn as a necklace brings luck. it scares evil spirits and protect against sharks.

    • Salamander: Protects the wearer against fire.

    • Snake: A snake-shaped amulet protects against snakebites.

    • Taurus: Increases fertility in both men and women.

    • Tiger: Provides superior physical strength.

    • Turtle: Stimulates creativity, luck and increases powers of divination.


    type of amulet talisman gemstone• Agate: Helps you overcome the obstacles in your path.

    • Alexandrite: Considered a lucky charm in Russia and Sri Lanka

    • Amber: Enhances youth and beauty, and increases longevity

    • Amethyst: Brings tranquillity, sobriety and makes you invulnerable to temptation and vices.

    • Beryl: Used in shamanic magic to rain and cause floods.

    • Coral: Can stop bleeding, cure insanity and increases the wearer’s wisdom.

    • Carnelian: Heals shyness and improves the healing skills of the wearer

    • Diamond: Keeps away evil spirits

    • Emerald: A purifier – brings friendship and domestic bliss.

    • Garnet: Provides constancy and loyalty. Helps improve character.

    • Jade: Promotes inner peace communication with the Divine.

    • Jasper: Protects during hazardous activities.

    • Perle: Enhances the purity and innocence in its wearer. Purifies the soul.

    • Quartz and Crystal: Provide the ability to communicate with the spirits surrounding us.

    • Sapphire: Opens the door to occult powers and secret knowledge.

    • Topaz: Increases intelligence and memory, helps against nightmares.

    • Turquoise: Brings peace and happiness, changes colour when the wearer is in danger.


    type of amulet talisman spiral• Square: A square shaped amulet brings stability in the home.

    • Circle: A symbol of spirituality and communion with the powers of the cosmos.

    • String: Represents continuity: past, present and future.

    • Key: Old keys bring luck.

    • Bell: Attracts fairies and elves.

    • Cross: Symbolizes protection against evil and evil spirits.

    • Cross Ankh (Egypt): Longevity, perhaps even immortality.

    • Star (Pentagram): Helps you be in communion with the forces of the cosmos.

    • Star of David: The symbol of protective forces.

    • Moon: Guaranteed victory against your enemies.

    • Arrowhead: Protects from the Evil Eye since prehistoric times.

    • Spiral: Allows a better outcome, with better growth and progress.

    • Triangle: Focuses the forces of body, intellect and spirituality.

    Do Talismans and Amulets Really Work?

     Do amulets talismans workSo the idea of amulets and talismans sounds appealing, but do they really work? In my experience, yes, they do, but we need to go into a few specifics first.

    First of all: symbols are an important part of every culture and society that has ever existed.  Even if we don’t notice it, they have an impact on our subconscious mind. Furthermore, many of these symbols have collected energy over time as more and more people have put belief (yes, belief is an “energy?, and a powerful one at that) into these symbols. For example the Christian crucifix is a very powerful symbol because of all the energy it has attracted over the ages.

    When we use positive symbols, we can enhance and alter energy flow around us.  Some examples of this is Sacred Geometry, Feng Shui, use of crystals, etc.

    However, talismans and amulets do not only depend on the use of positive symbols. Talismans and amulets are energy tools, and their effectiveness will depend on a few things.  One of the most important parts when making talismans and amulets is charging them with intent, i.e. energy which is in line with a specific goal.  All objects can hold energy – some better than others. Crystals, for example are excellent for storing programmed energy. Orgonite, a 50-50 mixture of metal and resin containing crystals, is an even better vessel for programmed energy (read more about orgonite).

    So a talisman or amulet could contain all the perfect symbols/ingredients for a specific purpose, but be completely useless since it has not been charged with intent. The symbols in themselves do carry their own energy, but considering the amount of energy all around us, their output would normally not be enough to show noticeable benefits.

    This is why many mass-manufactured talismans and amulets have no or little effect. There is no intent, no energy in them. The good news is that you can “charge? anything you want with intent.  You may need to practice your energy-manipulation skills in order to do this.

    Love Talismans

    Love talismans

    You can use talismans to attract romantic love and relationships, and in fact many people have successfully been doing so for centuries.

    Love is an energy, and this is an energy we can attract towards ourselves with the help of the appropriate objects. Many love talismans are made with objects and attributes that are associated with romantic love – the colours pink and red, for example, are associated with love. Crystals such as rose quartz, rhodonite, rhodocrosite and red garnet may be used.  But the most important thing is that the talisman must be infused with the right kind of energy when making the talisman.

    Making a love talisman

    Do you want to make a love talisman? Many people want to make their own talismans because this feels more personal to them. You can use virtually anything you want to make your love talisman.  One person I know made a bracelet for herself with pink and red beads.  She made the bracelet during a ritual where she focused on exactly the kind of love she wanted to attract. Like with any magick, it is important that you be focused, grounded and centred before performing the ritual in order to make it more efficient.

    Love correspondences

    Here is a list of correspondences to give you some ideas that you can use to make your own love and relationship talisman:

    Day: Friday

    Planet: Venus

    Colours: Pink, Red, Green

    Herbs: Basil, Calendula, Thyme, Patchouli, Yarrow, Lavender, Oregano, Fennel

    Crystals: Rose Quartz, Malachite, Rhodocrosite, Rhodonite, Green Aventurine, Jade

    Love Gods: Adonis, Cupid, Eros, Krishna, Mithras, Pan, Vishnu

    Love Goddesses: Aphrodite, Astarte, Freya, Isis, Kwan-Yin, Shakti, Venus

    Love Talisman Pendants

    While it can be a very rewarding experience to make your own love talisman, you might not feel ready to do this yourself.  Making talismans that work requires some skill and knowledge of magick/ energy manipulation.  You might want to start by purchasing a ready-made talisman which has been infused with powerful love energies.  One of the most powerful types of talismans are orgonite talismans.

    What are Orgonite Talismans?

    Orgonite is created by mixing organic and inorganic materials in order to create an object which turns negative energy into positive. This is its primary function. However, orgonite can be used as a talisman, by programming it while it is being produced, as well as by the use of different types of crystals which resonate with the frequency of the energy that we want to attract.  Since orgonite’s primary function is to draw negative energy in and purify it, outputting it as positive energy, the secondary talismanic action of the orgonite works to “flavour? the positive energy which is outputted.

    What is the Difference Between an Amulet and a Talisman?

    Amulets and talismans are both magical objects that can attract and project/emit energy. However, the two work in subtly different manners and are often confused with each other.

    Talismans and amulets have been used in most major world religions according to their traditions.  When people think of talismans and amulets they often think of witchcraft or New Age-type religions, but their use has been just as prevalent in for example, the Abrahamic religions (for example Catholicism  has several objects which function to ward off evil and align with the Divine, such as the cross, holy water, the wafer, etc).  The same goes for Buddhism, Hinduism, and most major religions, as well as minor ones.

    crucifix talisman amulet

    Amulets and talismans can be made from most kinds of materials – often materials which are natural, such as wood, stone, metal or crystals. Crystals, in fact, are often used for modern amulets and talismans because they have a lot of power in themselves, and are capable of holding programming much better than most materials – so if you wanted to create an amulet or a talisman that was programmed for a specific purpose, you could choose a crystal that represented that, and use your mind to empower the crystal further with the intended purpose.

    What is an Amulet?

    An amulet is a type of amulet or charm made in order to ward off negative energy, malevolent spirits and illness.  A crucifix is an example of a typical type of amulet – others include horseshoes, runes or lucky coins.  Amulets have been worn by people for centuries in order to protect and defend them from negative energies.

    Amulets have been used to protect against the Evil Eye for centuries, mainly in Middle-Eastern regions. The Evil Eye is said to be caused by other people looking at you with jealousy or ill-intent, and can cause bade luck, and even incidents as severe as illness and death. Below is a nazar, a Turkish amulet which protects you from the Evil Eye. Another famous amulet which wards off the Evil Eye is the Hand of Fatima, or Hamsa.

    Nazar - evil eye amulet

    What is a Talisman?

    A talisman, on the other hand is worn to attract specific types of positive energies.  Talismans can be made to attract love, confidence, abundance, power, and a number of other attributes.  They enhance people’s personal, spiritual power.  Talismans are often activated by incantations or other specific action (think of Aladdin rubbing the genie’s lamp).

    A talisman is thought to hold magic power in and of itself, and is used to draw energies towards you. Often talismans are more personal to the wearer – many magick practitioners, for example, choose to make their own talismans according to their own traditions. Some might use the power of runes, while others might use a pouch made of different herbs to produce a specific effect.  Some talismans can be as simple as crystal pendants that have been infused with energy. For example, below is a rose quartz pendant which might be made into a love talisman by infusing it with energy to attract a romantic relationship.

    talisman pendant crystal